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Each healing session consists of a few minutes of consultation and energetic preparation, the actual healing modality, and a few minutes after to address any questions by the client.


Because Adena channels light and frequencies of a very high vibration, an hour is sufficient to obtain optimum results.

During the sessions, Adena intuitively directs the energy where it is most needed, whether it’s the physical body, ethereal body, or emotional body. However, regardless of where she directs it, the energy always goes where it is most needed. 


She will either get mental messages from her guides, or her hands or body will direct her. In addition to Adena channeling healing energies through her hands, she also may utilize tuning forks to assist with the healing frequencies.

Each client is different and each person heals in their own divine form and timeline; clients may or may not feel anything during the session. Some people may feel buzzing or vibrations in their body.

Some may feel sleepy and relaxed. Others may not feel anything at all.


This is quite normal, and even if you feel nothing, that’s okay. The energy is working perfectly and as it should. All the client needs to do is relax and receive.

30-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute sessions available, as well as custom time slots.

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Sessions are done via Zoom or in person locally. In-person sessions further than 30 miles will incur a travel fee.

60-Minute Energy Healing Session

Energy Exchange: $180

30-Minute Energy Healing Session

Energy Exchange: $90

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90 Minute Energy Healing Session
Energy Exchange $270

Intuitive reading sessions can vary; Adena can often answer questions simply by tuning in to the client's higher self or her own guides. At times, she may use tarot cards, oracle cards, or a pendulum for further clarity.

Her intuitive gifts allow her to feel what the client is experiencing, as well as feel the answers to questions.


She channels information via clairaudience (hearing voices from spiritual realms), claircognizance (instant knowing), clairempathy (sensing emotions), clairsentience (feeling in her body what the other person is physically feeling), and occasional clairsalience (smell). 


If something comes up that needs to be healed, Adena addresses that and works with the client to do the healing before resuming the reading. 

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90-Minute Intuitive 
Reading/Consulting Session
Energy Exchange $270

60-Minute Intuitive Reading/Consulting Session

Energy Exchange: $180

30-Minute Intuitive Reading/Consulting Session

Energy Exchange: $90

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90 minutes - $333 per couple

60 minutes - $222 per couple

Additional Services: 
Aura Cleansing
Cord Removal and Clearing
1 hour $180
House Clearing
1 hour $175
2 hours $275
(additional fee over 20 miles)


Gift Certificates Available! 
30-, 45-, 60-, and 90-minute sessions!

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