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I’ve found an amazing technology that I use in conjunction with my own personal energy healing sessions. 

I am an independent LifeWave Distributor, and am happy to share with you these incredible products. 

Please click the following links to learn more, and if you like what you see, contact me and we can discuss how LifeWave may change YOUR life, whether you are looking for healing, an overall feeling of wellness, more income, or more time and freedom.



Below is my own personal experience with the LifeWave x39 patches: 

“Over a week ago, I started using a new technology (a non-transdermal organic light therapy patch) for healing, in addition with my own energy healing protocols. 

First, let me back up. Years ago I had shingles. Twice. I was bedridden on my belly for six months. I couldn't sit up for more than 15 minutes. I could not use my right arm; I couldn't even lift a pound of butter. Afterward, I dealt with a couple years of post-herpetic neuropathy. I had to learn how to walk properly again. I then had physical therapy. Most recently, I had 9 months of chiropractic care. 

I did energy healing on myself, but the underlying cause was not only the physical; it had an emotional foundation as well as loss of vagal tone (which I am now also working on). 

I had not been pain-free in 9 years. Ibuprofen several times a day was the norm. Then, in January of 2021, I switched to Tylenol several times a day. In April, I decreased my Tylenol to once a day because I knew it just wasn't the safest for my body - but I was still experiencing pain.

Back to the present: as I stated, over a week ago I started something new that works alongside my energy healing, light codes, emotional clearing, and meditation. 

These patches are non-transdermal and use light frequencies (of course this talked to me!) to work with my stem cells so that my body can heal itself. The first one I placed on the back of my neck; I instantly felt tingling and an overall "sparkly" feeling. This lasted for 6 hours. 

From that moment over a week ago, I've been using the patches daily; my pain has decreased exponentially and I've had NO pain killers. I am sleeping more deeply; my skin feels amazing. My skin feels FRESHER. My body feels more relaxed AND energetic. 

I would say to anyone who is suffering from pain, please reach out to me! But first, please click on the links and watch the short videos. This is amazing information, and is a life-changer for me...and maybe for you!

Whether you are looking for pain relief, healing, or anti-aging...I encourage you to check this out TODAY. RIGHT NOW if you can.” ~ Adena (August 2021)

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