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Aside from energy healing and intuitive readings/consulting, Adena also offers the following services (as time allows): 

Proofreading and light copyediting: 

Adena offers proofreading and light copyediting for a multitude of projects such as movie treatments/scripts, websites, blogs/blog posts, video documentaries (beginning credits, ending credits, chyrons/rolling verbiage), novels, short stories, anthologies, and promotional materials.

Rates are either per hour or per project. 

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Adena previously had a blog that she ran for ten years. It was seen in all but 4 countries. 

She still does writing; in fact, she is currently writing the first of several anthologies. 

She has done blogging for a previous employer's website, and armed with just a few key words, she produced informative and creative blog posts. 

She offers  blog-writing services and marketing writing. She can write on many topics, and thrives on deep-digging and research. 

Rates are either per hour or per project.

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