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About Adena

Adena is an energy healer and light code practitioner currently working with the Arcturians, Ra, Lemurians, ancient Egyptians and others (specifically using light codes, sound, and color) to create healing modalities for humans and the planet. 


She also is a first generation Priestess of the INTI Priesthood, Intuitive Reader and Coach, connecting with guides, angels, and ascended masters to bring forth messages to help clients receive clarity and healing in their life journey. 


Adena's readings are intuitive, but she may utilize tarot cards, oracle cards, or a pendulum for added clarification. Each reading also incorporates energy healing to ensure that the client has received all the assistance and guidance they need before the session has concluded. 


Her intuitive gifts allow her to feel what the client is experiencing, as well as feel the answers to questions.


She channels information via clairaudience (hearing voices from spiritual realms), claircognizance (instant knowing), clairempathy (sensing emotions), clairsentience (feeling in her body what the other person is physically feeling), and occasional clairsalience (smell). 

As a young child, Adena knew she was “different.” She often sensed what people were going to say before they said it. She also could feel the emotions of others in her physical body. 

Her past experiences and the healing of her own traumas have given her a clearer understanding of what it takes to heal and she is able to relate more easily to clients to have experienced the same. 

Her healing journey began in 2003 after she received treatments from a Reiki master fluent in the art of Usui Reiki. Soon afterward, Adena became a level II Reiki practitioner. 

In 2004, she traveled to Egypt where she was able to enter the Great Pyramid. This event was instrumental in awakening and activating her memories from past lifetimes in Egypt, especially as a light worker.

However, she didn’t fully realize or utilize her gifts until 2011, when she started receiving downloads of light codes and high frequency transmissions. 

Her powerful, telepathic, and extremely high empathic gifts enable her to feel where healing is needed and wanted. 


More recently, Adena has been working to release "stuck" souls, walking with them over the bridge of unconditional love through the heart space and assisting them to move into the light. 

She has a very potent connection to the Sun. Utilizing light codes and high vibrational light frequencies, as well as DNA activation and repair, are her highest priorities as a healer.

She has ties to many ancient civilizations, the most prominent being ancient Egypt and Lemuria.

Adena finds much joy at the seaside, calling in the dolphins and spending hours swimming in the warm gulf.


Energy Healer ~ Shamanic Priestess ~ Light Code Practitioner ~ Psychic Medium ~ Oracle/Tarot ~ Intuitive Coach ~ Soul Guide ~ Heart-Centered Alchemist

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